Parallel Query Manager for Microsoft® SQL Server®

Microsoft ®SQL Server® is one of the most popular data management platforms in the world. Its widespread diffusion is in part due to the constant renewal to which it is subjected but also to the possibility of being extended through add-ons designed to achieve specific goals.

When you implement any business logic using Microsoft® SQL Server® and its programming language T-SQL it is natural to conceive the processing of data as a set of instructions whose execution is rigidly preordained within a single container which is represented by the session; no wonder why this is the approach intended by the designers of SQL Server®. It follows, therefore, that the total execution time will be given by the sum of the execution time of each instruction / statement within the same session.

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 and later provide developers with a tool to execute SQL commands asynchronously, the Service Broker, an internal messaging framework within the engine that has the major limitation of not being able to link all the parallel processes of an activity to a single transaction. The same goes for the orchestration of jobs SQL Agent. Our add-on, called Parallel Query Manager (PQM), on the contrary allows you to parallelize, from T-SQL code, the execution of instructions in parallel sessions, enclosing them in a single transaction, whose total processing time is represented by the execution time of the more complex instruction.